The last couple of months have been an eye opener for everyone. What we use to take for granted will no longer be the norm and things such as everyday cleanliness are going to drastically change. The simple and common almost expected act of shaking hands is going to change. Will we even ever shake hands again? Do you think that the partitions at the stores are going to stay after this or will things go back to the way they were? Who knows; only time will tell. One thing is for sure sanitation is going to be huge going forward. Disinfecting things in our homes and businesses are going to become a daily activity. Therefore things that might have been cleaned a time or two a week will now be cleaned once or twice a day.

There will not be a quick trip to the restroom while you’re out; unless everything is touchless. People just will not touch things like they use too. Touchless fixtures are the solution to the restroom issues once you are in the bathroom, but how do you get inside without touching things. Much less out.

And I do not believe it will stop at public restrooms. I believe kitchens and bathrooms in our everyday lives will be going touchless soon as well. Two of the dirtiest places in our homes. What use to be reserved for high end homes is now going to become more and more the norm. Touchless is going to begins to be an everyday thing. We are going to see touchless kitchen faucets and soap dispenser in the kitchen. And touchless faucets, soap dispensers shower valves, and toilets in the bathrooms all going touchless.

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Just a wave of the hand and the water comes out! No more touching!! What a concept!!!! What more could you ask for!!!!!! The wave of the future is here today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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