Winterizing Your Outdoor Plumbing

Leaves are changing, grass has stopped growing, and the days are getting shorter.  With the changing of seasons comes colder temperatures. The last few winters have brought cold weather to the St. Louis region a little early, catching people unawares.

Now’s the time to begin preparing your home’s plumbing for old man winter. If you take the time in the fall to prepare your outdoor plumbing, you may save yourself from springtime repairs.

One of the most important items to take care of is to remove your hoses from the outside faucets.  If you have a water shut off in the basement, consider shutting off  your outside water for the season.

Also, if you have an irrigation system, contact your the company that services it for winterizing plans.

And if you have a leaky outside faucet, be sure to get it replaced so it doesn’t freeze and cause damage that can result in a large repair bill in the spring, or even worse a flood.

If you don’t have a shut off we can surely put one in for you. costing them expensive repair bills in the spring replacing outside faucets and backflow devices for irrigation.

Rely on Thome Plumbing to Help Winterize Your Plumbing

Don’t let winter sneak up on you. Contact Thome Plumbing today to winterize your outdoor plumbing. We are experts in installing shutoff valves, replacing faucets and backflow devices, and much more.

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