Touchless is the Wave of the Future

thome plumbing

thome plumbing

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for everyone. What we used to take for granted will no longer be the norm, and things such as everyday cleanliness are going to change drastically. The simple and familiar – almost expected – act of shaking hands is going to change.

Will we even ever shake hands again? Do you think that the partitions at the stores will stay after this, or will things go back to the way they were?

Who knows. Only time will tell. One thing for sure is that sanitation is going to be huge from now on. Disinfection in our homes and businesses are going to become a daily activity. Some things we might have cleaned once or twice a week will now be cleaned once or twice a day.

There will not be quick trips to the restroom while you’re out – unless everything is touchless. But how do you get inside – or exit – without touching door handles. Many people are apprehensive about touching things as they used to before the pandemic upended our lives.

Touchless fixtures are the solution to the restroom issues once you are in the bathroom.

And I don’t think touchless will stop at public restrooms. I believe the kitchens and bathrooms in our homes and businesses will be going touchless soon as well. These areas are two of the dirtiest places in our homes. The touchless faucets and toilets standard in high-end homes will become the new normal in homes outside of the luxury market. Look for touchless faucets, soap dispensers, shower valves, and toilets.

Touchless is going to become an everyday thing. With a wave of the hand, you get water and soap or hear the toilet flush.

No more touching! What more could you ask for! The wave of the future starts today!

Thome Plumbing is Your Source for Touchless Fixtures

If you are ready to upgrade your home with touchless fixtures, Thome Plumbing is your source for fixtures and installation. We are proud retailers for the Onyx Collection as well as Moen Smart Home and others. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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